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As summer, unfortunately, comes to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to give an update on my time back in Houston and what is in store as of now for St. Louis!

Once I got back home, I immediately hit up my favorite restaurants/places (Fat Bao, Tia Maria’s, Torchey’s, Hughies, Teahouse, Shipley’s, 19th Street in the Heights, etc.) and some new places (Duck Donuts, Axelrad Beer Garden). Wow how nice it was to eat amazing food! I had missed these classics so much while in St. Louis.

I also went thrift store shopping (Pavement is really cool, I recommend checking it out), got to hang out and catch up with my best friends and friends I grew up with,

play some League and Fortnite, model for an old friend’s fashion shoot (photos below),

and prepped for moving in to my apartment with my college best friend – photos and blog post to come!

In addition to hitting up my favorite food places and doing Houston antics, I also was working on a couple gigs around Houston. I worked as a personal assistant to the director at Wildfish Theatre and was on call for Wildfish if they needed a board-op or last minute designer. I also was the Lighting Design Intern at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church where I ran/designed lights for sets in their VBS Line-up (check out the new content on my portfolio page).

For St. Louis, I am heading back on the 21st, having a two day road-trip with my Mom – a blog post will surely be uploaded for that as we will be in cool Airbnbs and getting my apartment together. I already have a gig set up for early September at the .ZACK with TLT Productions for a concert driven show they are doing (don’t worry, it’s been approved by faculty) and I will be the ALD for The Fantastics and the ME for BFA 2 in the Conservatory this semester. As far as classes go, I am hoping to take Survey of Economics in addition to my Conservatory classes– gotta get the courses for my minor done! However, I will see how it all goes as sophomore year is supposedly one of the harder years in the Conservatory work load wise. I am hoping I will be able to handle it as I had handled my finance class last semester.

More blogs are to follow as the year begins and progresses! I am hoping to do a better job keeping my blog as relevant as I can.

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