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Happy National Adoption Day!

17 years ago, I was brought to the United States from China.

On this day, November 18th, I am celebrating being an adoptee.

Being adopted has opened up my eyes to the many children in this world who do not have families or loved ones. Orphans, foster care - these children and teens have had no one to raise them, no one to love them, no one to care for them. I could have been one of these children had I not been adopted.

I know many adoptees, specifically from China, because of my case. Here is a brief of the situation in China:

The one-child policy affected so many babies in China, mostly girls. A large portion of the orphan population was female because in Chinese culture, the men carry the name and the women marry into it. Therefore, men were valued more. Luckily, the policy was recently lifted.

Going to college, I was curious as to how wide the adoption network was. It made me so happy once I got to college to meet fellow adoptees. I am not alone.

The adoption community is strong and large.

Whether looking at international adoption or national adoption, I encourage those of you to look into it. Not to just adopt, but to see what happens in the world in regards to abandoned, orphaned, fostered children. It is eye opening. Support adoption and the possibilities it brings to potential adoptees.

Here are some websites I would encourage you to look at:



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