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School supply shopping can be a pain in the you-know-what. From my past 12 years of being a student, I can confidently say that these products are a MUST. Though pricey, they are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and very handy.

Here is my go-to list:

G2 Pens

I use fine to very fine point. I like very clean and precise notes so these help with labeling, notetaking, color coding, etc. They bleed through depending on how hard you write (I write extremely hard) but the ink looks very nice when rolled onto a sheet of paper. They come in many different colors and as you get older and start to realize everything has to be written in pen, these are amazing. I don’t know anyone who hates these pens. Pricey, but worth it.


These markers are just in general very handy. They can be used to label, color – pretty much anything. They range in points. Be careful though because they do bleed; this can be taken out using a Magic Eraser though.


I am using this brand for college because it’s what the Conservatory requested, but really any will work. Just don’t get the kind that smudges the lead when you use it – it’s a pain in the ass.

Twist-Erase III Pentel Mechanical Pencils

MUST. HAVE. My dad showed me these way, way back and I have yet to go to school without them (they’re actually starting to become trendy). They come in different lead points – I usually go with .5mm. They’re pricey, but they last forever and are very dependable and easy to use.

Twist-Erase Refill Eraser

MUST. HAVE. if you get the mechanical pencil. Easy to use, leaves no smudges, twistable, convenient. What’s not to love.

Lead Refills

Make sure you get the correct one depending on your mechanical pencil. You can get #2 lead so woohoo! No need to worry during tests! Handy to have because who knows if a friend needs some and you will never have to get up to sharpen your pencil.

Tabs/Post-It Notes

I mean, if you want to thoroughly study and stay organized, you need to get these. As a techie, labels, labels, labels (also good for note taking).

Minimalist Planner: I just started using this planner. Cheaper than most and is very clean aesthetically pleasing to use. Pretty basic, but unlike other planners I found, there aren’t crazy patterns and such. It also has a daily schedule, which I look forward to using in college, so I don’t have to buy another planner.

Miquelrius Notebook, Quad Ruled/5x5 Quad Ruled Notebook

I chose the 8.5”x11”. My little sister had this for her math or science class and I loved it and decided to give it a go. It’s a 5x5 quad ruled notebook which I absolutely love – it’s so hard to find 5x5 quad ruled paper (who likes using 4x4?!?)! After several years of notetaking, I found that using grid paper was much easier for me (I’m a perfectionist so all lines were straight and all graphs perfect). They are pricey so we’ll see how it goes.

Blue Sky Notebook

This is a grid AND college ruled notebook. Trying this for college so we’ll see how it goes. Best of both worlds!

Pencil Pouch

I bought these off of Amazon. It was cheaper than buying an actual pencil pouch – c’mon, 3 for like $14? Steal. These are canvas and can also be used as an accessory pouch and whatnot.


I don’t know if you like music, but I surely do. Get in the zone, zen out, whatever. These can be your escape or focus tool.

These are all just some of my materials (I didn’t include all of my art supplies). I love bargain shopping so when I say something is a MUST, I can almost guarantee that it is an amazing product.

Good luck on back-to-school shopping! Until next time!

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