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My first day in St. Louis began with waking up to 67 degree weather.

It was beautiful outside. So beautiful, in fact, we sat outside for both breakfast and lunner (lunch/dinner).

Speaking of breakfast, we stopped at this little coffee shop near our Airbnb. The shop was way overpriced, but nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning and a local coffee shop (plus we couldn’t find a Starbucks). This was also my first time seeing the infamous “coffee foam art” in person! Pretty cool, I must say.

We spent the rest of the day shopping. By “rest of the day”, I mean from after breakfast to about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target (where everyone and their moms were), and Walmart (it’s waaayyy cheaper).

Fun fact: STL tax is 9.13something%; more than HTX. That was fun to find out at checkout (I mean that sarcastically if you didn’t catch it).

After spending practically all day shopping, Mom and I went to Maggiano’s – my last meal with her! The weather, again, was beautiful! It hadn’t exceeded the low 80s all day. We sat outside, ordered some side salads and pasta. It was lovely!

We returned back to our Airbnb when we were through eating where I continued my labeling and packing. Can’t wait to load everything into the car tomorrow morning for NSO Move – In/Orientation (again, sarcasm); on the bright side, I can consider it a work out haha.

As I said last time, we’ll see how it goes at NSO and Move – In. I’ll be sure to share my dorm haul in my post tomorrow (I love bargain shopping)!

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