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[This post will be sort of scattered so you have been warned!]

On Thursday, my mom and I drove to West Hall for my move – in at 1:00 p.m.!

What I thought was going to be super quick turned out to be super long.

Not to bash any of the Orientation Staff, but my mom and I had to unload everything from her car (which we were told the Orientation Staff would do) and waited for at least half an hour for someone to come get our stuff. Me being me decided to check in and get all of my room credentials, which all took around 20 min. or so. I thought by that time the staff would have had all of my belongings outside my dorm room, but I stand corrected.

In all of 30-45 min., I had checked out my room, rearranged all my furniture (basically moved things from one end of the room to the other), loaded a move – in cart with my things, and carried my printer and duffle bag up two flights of stairs ALL in the time it took the staff to come up the elevator with the rest of my stuff. WHAT.

I was super proud of myself – I hate having things done for me when I know I can do it myself, but my body would hate me the day after, which is today.

It took about two hours to finally get settled, a couple of hours after eating dinner to get things laid out, and a couple of hours the next day to finally put everything pretty much where it belongs.

Anyway, with that said, some of you might have checked out my Snapchat for my “Here is my dorm” video – I’ll post that below if y'all want. If not, or if you want to check out some things further, here are some pictures (I'll post my Dorm Room Blog Post later this week); I am still putting the final touches!

Today was a long day full of walking and listening to boring seminars and whatnot.

My mom and I thought Wednesday was the last night we’d eat together. Boy were we wrong! But that was a good thing. Saying goodbye to her today was really tough, but I knew she wanted to get home before the hurricane hit – by the way, all my Houston and New Orleans folk, STAY SAFE!!!

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